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2-way Task Integration with 3rd Party Apps (Todoist, Wunderlist, etc)

Podio is great, and task management software is great. Wouldn't it be nice if the two were combined?

Managing tasks through the mobile app is difficult, is there anyway to create two-way integration with some of the larger third party task management software out there? Zapier is ok, but it only syncs one way.

If we could somehow figure out a way to manage our tasks through a more robust task management software, like Todoist, it would be most appreciated.

James Bowie

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@all thanks for this, i personally would love this also!

Thanks again for sharing - and please keep the votes coming!

//Oliver - Podio

Oliver Wray 0 votes
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Todoist and Podio together would be amazing.

Ygor Ferdinando Lira Lima 1 vote
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In my opinion, it would be better for Podio just to improve their tasks to be on-par with Todoist. That would require;

  • Natural language repeating task creation f.i. "Every other workday"
  • Support for tags like in Todoist (# for workspace, + for person, @ for label) so no clicks are needed only keyboard
  • Priority as a field rather than as a label (so p1, p2, etc tags can be used)
  • Overview of tasks assigned to someone (regardless of who created the task)
  • Mobile app similar in quality to Todoist with configurable filters

This would be amazing! I could keep all of my tasks in Podio instead of having to use both systems which complicates getting a decent overview.

Ken DV 0 votes
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indeed what @KenDV says. 

just slightly improve the task options inside Podio, 
especially on mobile. 

Jasper 0 votes
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