Update a record in PODIO via API.NET



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  • Thiago Caldeira

    Hi , I managed !

    The following solution.

    There are two ways

    Solution A         
           //Manipula a Informação
            var item = _podio.ItemService.GetItemBasic(idItem);
            var nome = item.Field<CategoryItemField>("categoria");
            nome.OptionId = 2;
            //Salvar dados
    Solution B
            var item = _podio.ItemService.GetItemBasic(idItem);
            var novoItem = new Item();
            novoItem.ItemId = item.ItemId;
            var statusBackoffice = novoItem.Field<CategoryItemField>("status-backoffice");
            statusBackoffice.OptionId = 3;
            //Salvar dados
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