Is it possible to link directly to another Podio item in a calculation field?



  • Rainer Grabowski

    Hi Martin,

    it is possible. Item-URLs have always the same structure ID

    For creating a link you can copy an exsting URL, the only variable is the Unique ID. For getting it,you need to create a calculation field in the app whose items you want to be linked. Type @unique id into this calculation field and you get it.

    In the calculation field where you want to show the link - if always only one field is related:

    var id = @All of calcField with uniqueID.join();;
    var name = @All of titleField.join(); // or another field
    "[name](" + id +")"

    If there can be several items related:

     var id = @All of calcField with uniqueID;
     var name = @All of titleField; // or another field
     var url = "" 
     var result = [];
     for(var i = 0; i < name.length; i++){
     result.push("[" + name[i] + "[(" + url + id[i] + ")");

    This would give you a list of all titles of all related items, each title is linked to the item. You could even filter the related items: show only if category field = xyz or if Date is greater than ... or if a number in a number field is equal to ... and so on.

    There's one caveat: These URLs are hardcoded, means: If you change the name of the app or the workspace, they break.


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  • Hans Rudbeck Dahl

    Hi Rainer or anyone, 

    thanks for your tip, i was looking for precisely this option, but i am not able to replicate it :-( the problem of course that i know very little about programming. I think that its because i am no to sure it i do the right entries :-( 
    I did a test with 2 apps, one from/ FRA one to/TIL. The idea being that i want to display a link to a other specific app.

    This is my input : 

    I seen all the good answers in here therefor my second question is, is there a other way? The challenge being that i have a app where on can input a preference in a  web app, and when my colleague is doing the setup, she will not only have the setup preference, but also a permanent link to the app with the setup information in ? 


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  • Rainer Grabowski

    Hello Hans,

    your line "[name]( ....)" doesn't make any sense.

    First mistake: the word "name" (in []) is a variable (which you've declared in the line before by: var name =) . Variables must be separated from other text strings (and also from numbers and other variables ) by a +. The right syntax is: 

    "[" + name +"](https://....).

    Second mistake: What's the reason for:  /" + 1 + "? 
    "htps://" is the url for the item with Unique ID 1 in the app flyt-fra.

    I also don't understand why you use .join(FRA1) in the variables.

    Maybe it's easier you describe what you wnt to achieve and I try to help you. 

    One tip for getting the URL of an item: It's easier if you create the URL in the item you want to link to. In the app flyt-fra open an item, copy the URL, click Modify Template, add a calculation field (named e.g "Flyt-Fra-URL") and enter  "[" + variable + "]( , paste the URL, enter "+ @Unique ID + ")" . Remove the last number in the URL
    Then above this line enter var name = moment(@date).format("DD/MM/YYYY")
    (I assume you want the date as name. For that you have to format the date.)
    Then replace the word variable by the word name The result should be: 

    var name =  moment(@date).format("DD/MM/YYYY");
    "[ + name + ](" + @unique ID + ")"

    Now in each item of this app you have the Link for this item (it's show like 24/12/2016). In the other app (and also in other related apps) you can pull the URL into the calculation by 

    @All of Flyt-Fra-URL.join()

    In you only need the link (w/o a name) enter in the field "Flyt-Fra-URL" :

    "(" + @unique ID + ")"

    Then you can decide in each other app which name you want to add to the URL.

    For your second question: Are the apps "Setup" and "Setup Inforamtion" related by a relationship field?



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  • System Admin

    If I am in Globiflow and know the item 10 digit id but not its app and workspace how can I calculate that?

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  • System Admin

    I need a url to the item


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