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  • Mike Ray

    Let's face it, Podio is dead. They are sooooo far behind the many, and cheaper, alternatives available it doesn't make sense to start with Podio today. It's a shame because they were one of the early leaders in this space but they stood still and didn't move as fast as their competition.

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  • Dana P

    Hi All,

    We wanted to share a post that Sara made to some of our customers about a month ago. This sums up one of the improvements that members have been asking for, as well as how Citrix is envisioning Podio.

    "We're still here and no plans to EOL Podio, we will continue to develop and improve the platform.

    Today we updated with a long overdue feature for two-step verification - read more details here:

    Please also see this video with a vision for how Citrix is evolving the future of work with well-being in mind, Podio is very much a part of this vision as we showcased to the recent Citrix Workspace Summit. A more detailed demo video is available here.

    Appreciate your feedback and hope you will continue to provide feedback to us.


    Sara - Citrix"


    You may view the original post here.

    For now, stay safe, have a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year.

    All the best,


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