14.07.2015 - Improved CRM on Podio with new phone and email field



  • Brock Taffe

    I'm having a lot of trouble integrating this into my calculation field, I just want to display the phone numbers entered.

    This was how I had it before, @First Name + " " + @Last Name + " - " + @Phone + " - " + @Role

    It sucks because no one at the NFP org I'm volunteering for has Javascript knowledge and it's not very accessible, if there is too much trouble with coding I'm worried we won't be able to continue using Podio and will have to go back to Excel :(

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  • Hi Brock,

    In order to use the calculation field with full power you need a bit of javascript knowledge I'm afraid - if you need help with this we have plenty of Podio partners and users to assist via:

    Make sure to check the phone type from the developer page in the app: "mobile|work|home|main|work_fax|private|fax|other" ( for available types s. -> Modify App -> Developer, and there under " Sample JSON value")

    //Sara - Podio

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  • Carrie Wetherby

    When I'm in Podio and a contact has an email address and I want to write to them, I see I can click the email address (which is hyperlinked to open my email client) and my email client opens a "new message" window for me to type an email message to that person (I use gmail to do this). However, this email window opens in the same window as Podio -- is not a "target=_"blank" link -- and so it effectively closes me out my Podio screen -- I can have both Podio and my email client open at the same time in order to toggle back and forth or see them at the same time. Thus, I have to reopen Podio again in another browser window so that I can, for example, remember that person's first name or job title, or some other piece of vital information that I am writing to them about. Then, once I send the email, my only option is to close the email window, which in effect closes me out of Podio and I have to log back in to Podio again. Am I doing something wrong? Why can't the linked email address open up a new window or a pop-up, keeping Podio open and visible in its own window/tab?

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  • Pete Cuff

    Holding the Ctrl key (on a PC) as you click on the link will cause the link to open in a new tab on your browser which at least is a workaround. If you think that the hyperlink *should* be a new window link by default, you can log a feature request

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