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Calculation Field

I am creating a simple calculation field namely "default payment account" in app called "Default settings" through java script APIs:

calculation is " @Sum of Code " : ("@Sum of Code "

note: variable names "codeFieldInAccountsApp" and "paymentsAccountFieldInDefaultSettingsApp" above contains field Ids of appropriate values.

Detail of Issue: there is field named "payments account" in "default settings" app. this field takes reference to "code" field in some other "account" app. The Calculation Field "default payment account" described above depends upon this field "payments account" in such a way that when user fills this field, then calc field "default payment account" should calculate and render the same result as in "payment account" (according to formula). When created through api, no error comes while installation but give improper results or doesn't update at the time or sometimes it gets updated only when 2nd time when user change old values in "paymentsAccountField". Even other fields which have same kind of formula like above give proper results but not this one.

Please provide me some assistance ASAP

abhijeet gupta

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