Podio Import, Webhooks and rate-limit



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    Casper Fabricius

    Hi Louis-Phillippe,

    The common solution is to queue up your requests and spread them out over longer time to not hit the rate limits.

    If you write to support@podio.com with the following info, I can increase the rate limit for you:

    • The client id of the API key you are using
    • The email of the Podio user who owns that API key
    • Estimated usage (reqs/hour)
    • The name(s) of the specific API call(s) where you are hitting the limit
    • A short description of your integration and why it's hitting the rate limit
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  • Louis-Philippe Papillon

    Thanks Casper. Quick question, does Authenticating (using Password auth) itself consume the API rate-limit quota?
    I'm getting quota busted after just a few requests and I can't figure out why. This is happening from PHP CLI where Sessions are not set and so password auth is re-done on every call. Could this be the reason? I'm doing maybe 250 calls (half to Authenticate and half to PodioItem::get_basic) and most of them are failing with rate-limit errors.

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  • WilliamLavenia

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