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Is Podio being discontinued?

We have recently bought a subscription for our company, but I worry that Podio may be discounted in the near future?

Critical functions of the software (Gannt charts are the big one, with other issues like app templating, timesheeting etc.) are repeatedly requested, most for years now.

Rarely does a company so brazenly ignore customer feedback and survive, especially when there are an increasing number of other viable alternatives out there, everyday. (Teamwork PM is looking really good, and so is Wrike)

Don't get me wrong, I am the biggest advocate of Podio in our company, and I love most of the software functionality, but these huge holes, and specifically the cavalier way Podio expects us to become developers to plug these holes, or with 3rd party software (which also raises significant security issues for confidential work) really gets my back up.

So I ask, in general, do us users think that Podio will be viable in the future, with this in mind?

Keen to hear your feedback and opinion!

Rudy Nausch

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Hi Rudy!

Definitely Podio will not be discontinued, we have over 500.000 businesses worldwide depending on our solution.

This summer and fall we will look into building a more robust CRM/PM solution to give you deeper integration with email from Podio. So yes, we will continue to develop more business critical features for Podio.

You're also correct Gantt Chart is currently the top requested feature in the Forum however please note this is only because we already managed to implement the top requested features from the past (2 months ago the most requested features were a customisable badge layout and the option to filter relationship fields, which was introduced this spring).

Hope this helps!

//Sara - Podio

Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

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I would say I hope to see some significant updates in the future. Some of the features I feel are lacking make me wonder if I should be investing time in trying to deal with limitations or it I should be investing in a more robust solution. So far Podio still wins out for me but I would like to see the system become a little more robust.

My biggest complaint is dealing with large amount of data. It is difficult to just look at huge running list of exactly the same looking fields.

Also don't get me wrong I love Podio! But in response the this post my answer is relevant.

Greg Zimdahl 1 vote

Hi Greg, thanks for your input and I would agree with your sentiment.

I really hope that the Podio team do keep on developing the platform, as day by day the competitors become more numerous and improve.

Mostly it would be fantastic if the Podio team decided to add more robust functionality, without requiring us to go through other 3rd parties.

Podio is actually one of the most expensive solutions on the market, and that's before you start adding all the third party "fixes" for the existing functionality gaps.

Look forward to hearing other viewpoints on this, keep them coming!

Rudy Nausch 1 vote

I really love the flexibility in Podio´s structure. On the other hand this could give you a hard time to set it up.
In my case I miss especially the function of a Gantt Chart and real project templates. This would save a lot of retundant work.
I saw that other platforms do have this included and I guess these functions are really basics in project management...
The 3rd partie for Gantt Chart (SmartGantt) doesn´t work properly for me. I could not find out, where the problem is... and the answer from the 3rd partie´s support was not solving my problem. So there is no real solution, because nobody feels responsable for the interface.
With a raising number of projects I need to provide an overview for my team. And it is clear that none of the users will spend too much time for searching and experimenting...

I would love to go ahead with Podio if there are practicable and easy ways to get it on the next level through implementing at least these two basic functions.

Regina Tschud 1 vote

Hi Regina, Rudy & Greg! I wouldn't worry about Podio being discontinued. Citrix is investing heavily in it and I don't think this will change anytime soon.

(I am not a Citrix or Podio employee, it's just what I heard from different people working there. Full disclosure: I am a partner at, Germany's first Podio Preferred Partner.)

However, I wouldn't bet on Podio getting a Gantt chart anytime soon. Why? In all the years we have built solutions for Podio, only a single client ever asked us for a Gantt chart. (Ok, not representative.) Yes, I know, Podio is supposed to be a PM tool, so how can this be? Because many companies "manage projects" without Gantt charts I assume. (So do we. We do PM for agile software development.)

As Regina said, Podio is extremely flexible. That's where the power lies: you can do almost anything with Podio -- if you are willing to compromise. Most companies haven't even scratched the surface, I believe.

Also, Podio is not for everyone. If you need tight control and don't trust your employees and co-workers to do the right thing -- then Podio might not be right for you. If the first question your IT department asks is "How can we stop people from doing X", then this is a clear signal that your company is not ready for Podio. ;) -- That being said, we have client who's IT department use Podio to facilitate communication across their world-wide teams.


P.S.: Regina, I personally know the owner of SmartGantt and I will be happy to help you solve your problem. Feel free to contact me! Also, "project templates" is something that can be solved... - Podio Training+Consulting+Development English & Deutsch

Stefan Ukena 0 votes

Hi Stefan, Thank you for your input.

Thats good to hear Citrix is investing in Podio!

Hopefully that means that they will listen to the users also?

Honestly though, being told yet again that this is not a priority for the Podio team despite being one of the most requested features (116 votes in one thread, and then again requested many times on others) - and I am also unsure how this relates to your "only one person has ever requested it" comment? - is a disappointment, but not unexpected.

I do take offense at your statements - you imply that we are idiots, because we want this functionality (Gantt charts are a great and vital tool for resource management, I can't believe I have to explain this to you - and no we don't particularly care what others do, as it is a PM standard) and Gantt's alone can be used to manage resources effectively - look at how Wrike has implemented it, thats how it should be done.

Secondly, you imply that our team are untrustworthy.

Telling a customer (there seems some confusion - we are the people that pay for the product) that - "Also, Podio is not for everyone. If you need tight control and don't trust your employees and co-workers to do the right thing -- then Podio might not be right for you" - is highly offensive, and really just a step away from telling us to F-off.

I would caution, and probably dismiss, any of our Client Services representatives who said this to any of our clients, personally.

Your message is loud and clear, and if you had been either a Citrix or Podio employee I would have cancelled my company's subscription immediately.

Until this is addressed, we shall keep on the lookout for other software, and transition out as soon as we can.

Rudy Nausch 0 votes

Hi Rudy, I apologize if my statement offended you or your team. I did not want to imply that your team is not trust-worthy, and I certainly don't think you or your team-mates are idiots. I am really sorry if my statement came across that way! I can see now how my statement could have come across like that, especially the part with "Podio might not be for you".

I will try to re-phrase, in the hope that I don't make matters worse:

When I wrote "Podio might not be for you", I was thinking about a couple cases in the past where we had client who's IT department had this approach (the approach to disallow everything by default). I didn't want to imply that these companies or IT departments are idiots, and I didn't even tried to imply that your company is like that. But from my experience companies with this approach have a hard time getting used to Podio (because Podio does not support the level of access control these companies look for).

Again, I'm terribly sorry that I offended you.

I will shut up now.


Stefan Ukena 1 vote

Hi Stefan,

No worries, my apologies also, as I may have misread your tone.

A big part of this is frustration, in that Podio is so very close to the perfect tool, but these things keep it back.

If Podio had to have a Gantt Chart with the same functionality as Wrike ( it would literally be unbeatable imo.

Have a good day!

Rudy Nausch 0 votes

Rudy it appears your concerns have been confirmed. Podio is being discontinued by Citrix :(

Jeremy Birch 0 votes