Workflow not creating tasks?



  • Randy Rupert

    I just ran across this conflict myself, and am searching the forums before posting about it myself.

    I have a workflow that creates tasks when a particular item is created, and that operates correctly when I'm creating those items manually. If the item is created by a workflow, then the original workflow to create tasks is ignored. It does not matter which workflow is added to the workspace first, or the order in which they appear when you're managing your workflows.

    Podio, Help! We want to automate, and you want to help us automate, but workflows do not function properly on items created by workflows!


    Mickey, please test my hypothesis on your account and confirm... I think your workflow to "create a task if a current field equals..." will operate properly when  you change that status by hand (or mouse).


    Edit: Here's another post addressing why this may be disabled, even though I can conceptualize a way to address the problem. Podio, let's work together to make this work.

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  • Brett Morrone

    Hi Mickey and Randy,

    The reason that the tasks are not being triggered is because it's not possible to have a workflow trigger another workflow. We foresee that allowing workflows to trigger more workflows could potentially lead to infinity loops, something which we would like to avoid happening for now. 

    /Brett – Podio


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