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  • Jean-Claude Massé

    Great idea for hiding activity stream or, at least, be able to resize it.

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  • Charlie Lindstrom

    Hi Richard,

    Many thanks for your input on this. It is indeed an on-going discussion and we're doing our best to figure out how the activity stream can be of the most value. As it is a core part of Podio we find it important to find the best way and it's not such as easy task. That said we are listening and discussing this subject here at Podio and your feedback is a much valuable ingredients in this. Please also see this thread and and don't forget to up-vote:

    /Charlie - Podio

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  • Richard Hedger

    @charlie - I doubt that the activity stream is as important as you seem to think which is why I suggest having the opportunity to hide it for those of us that don't see any use.

    Thanks for answering though ;)

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