how to reference in a calculation a related field but coming from multiple workspaces.



  • Michael Kagan

    I am not sure if this suggestion will help, though you might want to check out Andreas Huttenrauch's ( globiflow/globimail ( and, specifically

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  • Christopher Rex

    I was able to solve the same issue by testing each entry to be valid:

    var tmpExpID = @All of Experiment ID + '' ? @All of Experiment ID + '':@All of Experiment ID2 + ''; tmpExpID

    In this case @All of ExperimentID and @All of Experiment ID2 were both apps that were set in a single relationship with the current app.

    The addition of + '' was necessary to prevent the empty responses from causing an error. Not sure why but I assume it has something to do with denoting that the value is a string. Hope this helps.

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