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Fixed column headers on Cards view?

I am using card views all the time and manage a big team. I am constantly scrolling back and forth to remember what column or row I am in. Is there a way you can fix the header row and first column (like google docs does) so I can always see my view parameters? Ex: Status level always stays on top and Name of Worker stays on the left so I can see that Team Memeber A is doing these cards on Status 2.

Hope that made sense :)

Shefa Weinstein Completed

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Hi Shefa! 

Column headers are now fixed with today's card layout update. Hopefully this will improve navigation when using the card layout! Let us know what you think.

/Jacquelyn - Podio

Jacquelyn May
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Thank you for this request Shefa.

We are also discussing this internally, and I'll add your feedback to the conversation.

Hopefully this is something we will see in Podio in the future.

- Podio

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