28.04.2015 - Podio Chat gets its own app for iPhone & Android



  • Reuben Butterfield

    Hi Sara,

    This is an awesome app, and perhaps I am overlooking something completely obvious here, but is there no way to create "subjects" when composing a message from the iOS app?

    Every time I compose a message from the app, it just goes into one thread without a title, or the most recent thread without a title.

    So for example if I wanted to send a message to the team with a subject of "Podio's new chat app is great!" I couldn't do that. I would have to add that as message text and default to the most recent thread with no subject.

    This seems like an error. Or perhaps I have missed something that is so incredibly obvious I should be getting my eyes checked?

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  • Good question Reuben (and sorry for the delay in reply) - we currently don't support all functionality yet in the new app but this will be added over time.

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