Clarification on external employees.



  • Germaine Mills

    Every Organization would be its own so yes you could set it up and share with your client.

    Make sure your user management is up to par.

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  • Mette Frøkjær Hansen

    Hi Dudley,

    Good question.

    If you set up an organization under your domain you can invite an unlimited amount of external members for free. Only the members with the email domain that is attached to the Podio account will be registered as employees and thereby be seats of $9 US per employee per month.

    In theory you can set organizations up for clients and invite them in to a totally configured system that you have set up for them. You will be employee and they will be external members.

    The best way to proceed from here is to add their company domain to the account so that they all become employees and "take over" the system. Only employees can be organization admin and use the user management page and the billing page. You can still be part of the organization if you need to have access.
    You can see more on user management here

    I hope this makes sense:-) You're also very welcome to contact us in support through the top of this page, to get help with your specific use case.

    - Podio

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