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Countering referenced items


I have a consultancy business where my hourly rates are calculated on basis of the time I have been given to solve a case. The time given is determined in two ways:

(1) Manually by entering in a locked date interval in a [Date Interval Registration] app

(2) Automatically by calculating the date interval based on the first and last time registry entered into a [Time Registration] app

The two apps both contain a forward reference field referencing a [Case] app. That means that a time registry is only indirectly connected to any date intervals via the shared case item.


I am building a (advanced?) system to handle number 2 above. You can see a visualization of the entire system in the picture found at the following link:

Right now I am focusing on solving TEST 1. I want to use javascript to check if the shared case item is referenced by any items in the [Date Interval Registration] app. If the result is zero the test should produce a: No. Otherwise it should produce a: Yes.

Is it possible to do the above?

(PS. You are more than welcome to comment on the other tests if you any good ideas)


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