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    Pallabi Patnaik

    Dear Users,

    Glad to let you know that we have released a new look for Podio this week. This includes a brand new color palette, modern & retina ready icons and many more updates. Check out details here: 


    // Pallabi - Podio Product Manager


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  • Dominik Hamacher

    Great input. Will forward that to our designers :)

    //Dominik - Podio

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  • Jannik Siebert

    Same problem here, the site can look very unprofessional because of the blurry icons! We are using Macbook Pro, Surfacebook Pro and High Res Lenovos.

    An update would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks,


    P.S.: We know you have the @2x icons in the iPhone App, please activate them on the website ;)

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  • Christian Kruijer

    I think so, too. 

    it's a shame that there are still no retina ready icons - and it's so easy to implement them nowadays.

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  • Chris

    @Podio, I do agree this is a minor item but 2 years of blurry icons for such a wonderful app doesn't make sense.  Can someone be tasked to update these icons? We aren't looking at more than an hours of worth to reexport and adjust the CSS with max dimensions.  

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