Assigning shared user profile to contact field ERROR



  • Tom Urbanowicz

    Andreas - Were you able to solve this?

    We have a similar issue... we have an item where an employee was listed in a contacts field. That employee is no longer with the company and so has been removed from all the workspaces. The former employee is still listed in some of the items where appropriate. However, for one of the fields, I need to add that user into the field. Naturally, this can't be accomplished through Podio, but I thought I could do it through the API if I know the Profile ID

    Here's the relevant code:
    Podio::Item.update(233637427, {:fields => {'deal-closer' => 143887576}}, 'silent' => 'true')

    Here's the response:
    The app with id 10215789 does not have the right view on profile with id 143887576

    Any thoughts?

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  • Andreas Huttenrauch

    I don't remember if/how this was solved. In some cases though, using email address rather than id solves some issues. Not sure if that's the case here.

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