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Project Management - Define Roles on a Project, and have deliverables' owners set automatically

I'm using the Project Management and Deliverables, with workflows so that when a project is created, a large number of predefined deliverables are created automatically. Basically, project templates. There will be about 8 roles on each project, and each one should be responsible for different deliverables. Unfortunately, I don't know who will fill each role at the time the project is created.

What I'd like to do, is tie the Owner of a Deliverable to a particular Role on the project. I can do this with an On Create workflow easily, but if a role owner changes, or is not initially known, I seem to be stuck. What I'm looking for is the ability to create a weak foreign reference from the deliverables that are created back to the Role of the Project. Weak in that if it's nil, then the Deliverable will have no owner, but as soon as the deliverable is set, it will be.

This seems like it'd be more of a Relationship field than a Contact, which I suspect can't maintain a reference the way I'm describing. I would think the relationship could, but when I hit the workflow, I can't seem to reference back to the role on the project I just created.

Hope that makes some sense, but here's another description in case it doesn't.

New Project A (defines Contact in Role B) -> Creates Deliverable (Sets Owner to New Project A's Role B Contact)
such that if the Contact in Role B changes, it will automatically update the Deliverable's Owner.

Jeff Deville

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