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Default role of new members should be at a minimum

When I as an admin invites new members to a workspace I have to actively change their role from Admin to Light or Regular. In my humble opinion that doesn't make sense: Rights should always be something you have to give actively - not something people get by default.

I've seen a workspace being deleted by mistake by someone who had Admin rights and who thought he just left the workspace, when he actually deleted it.

Søren Kiilerich Completed

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Hi Søren,

Yes as Ron said you can cast your vote to the request he made here

I will go ahead and mark this request as "general discussion" so we make sure that the votes for this is placed in the same place and we have better overview of the popularity of the request:-)

Thanks for sharing your suggestion with us.

- Podio

Mette Frøkjær Hansen 0 votes

I agree, I think permissions should always be minimum, and add if needed.  


Also, it would be great if you could designate one person to approve Requests for access,  instead of giving everyone with Admin access permission to approve. So a separate role as Super-Admin that can is only one that can approve.

Mike Hazelwood 0 votes