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Workflow Suggestions for website design/development

To the community:
My current set up is as follows but I am looking for a better way if you have one:

Client Project Work Space
- Using apps
--+ Deliverables
--+ Clients & Leads
--+ Project
--+ Meetings

The workflow is create: client->project->deliverables. Because so much of the process is the same for each website project, my Deliverables tend to be identical for each project therefore my deliverables stream gets pretty cluttered and confusing. I use search to narrow down what's shown but there must be a better method. Also, some Deliverables I assign to the client; i.e. upload high-def logo, upload team bios, etc. Where do you all have this content stored? I just have them attach it to the Deliverable item.

I welcome any suggestions.

Jon Cadieux

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