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  • Rainer Grabowski (FVM)

    Hi Stuart,

    that is possible in 2 ways:
    First: If you've access to the machine generated text and can change it, modify it to:

    New user has registered in group Users.
    Name: Natalie

    If you have a field "Name" in the app, Podio takes the text behind "Name: " till the end of the line and puts it into the field "name" (Podio trys to map everything that looks like "fieldname": "value" into an existing field).

    Second way: you can get the name into a calculation field

    var a = @Textfield with Mail-text;
    var b = 'New user '; // string to be searched
    var c = b.length;  // length of string to be searched
    var d = a.indexOf(b); // Position of string to be searched
    a.substr(c+d, a.indexOf(' ',c+d)-(c+d))  // gets first word of the text after search string which should be the name


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  • Stuart Frodsham

    Hi Rainer - THANK YOU ! Method one is dead simple, work brilliant

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