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  • Mette Frøkjær Hansen

    Hi Jonny,

    Thanks for your input. As you know we are very much aware of the high demand for this and we're doing our best to figure out how the activity stream can be of the most value. As it is part of the current infrastructure of Podio it is a greater task to change it. I hope you understand.

    If you would like you can add your vote to this request here https://help.podio.com/hc/communities/public/questions/200754897-Activity-Stream-on-Workspace?locale=en-us

    - Podio

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  • Yacine Ghalim


    This would really be a high priority feature for us as well. I don't understand why we cannot simply have the option to hide it or move the tile way down on the page.

    It's really taking too much space on the front page and cannot be moved around...

    I'd love my front page to be only a dashboard of tiles.

    Very best,

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  • BJ Kitchin

    Thank you Podio for the responsiveness and attention to detail. We really do find Podio valuable and I sing your praises.

    I am with the growing chorus of voices that would like to control how the activity stream "infiltrates" my dashboard. :) I use the word "infiltrate" there in good fun to help you understand how it impacts our experience using the app. It isn't that we se NO value in it, rather that it monopolizes an unjustifiable amount of attention on the dashboard in our opinion.

    If we could just hide it behind a toggle in the same spot I think that would be a win win.



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  • Oliver Wray

    Good idea BJ! Keep the feedback coming!

    //Oliver - Podio

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  • Carrie Wetherby

    I support this feature request. I'd like the option to make it more narrow at the very least. Or to move it to the right side, and put my tiles on the left side.

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