How to calculate days past due?


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  • Rainer Grabowski (FVM)

    Hi Martin,

    in Podio calculation fields the value for "today" isn't dynamic cause the result only changes if the value of a variable used in the calculation changes. Example If you have a calculation with a value "today" - e.g. using moment() - and "today" = 4th of April you'll see the result "4th of April". But tomorrow you'll see also "4th of April" if no other value in the calculation haven't been updated. So you need in your calculation one value which is updated daily so that you can calculate with a value "today".

    In your use case you can do that with an extra date field (e.g. called "Check-Date") in your App which will be updated daily by Globiflow.

    So first create the date field "Check-Date", than create a Globiflow for your app which runs every day after midnight:

    Trigger: By an item's date field
    In your App:    
    If Date Field  is  current-Date  -1  days
    Update This app item 
    check-date(start)  = value: current date

    Than you can use a calculation for "Total due" in which you only sum your fields Rent, Late Fee and Late Fee Per Diem and multply it with the number of days, like:

    var NumDays = +moment(@check-date).format('D') - @Day due;
    (@Rent + @Late fee + @Late Fee Per Diem) * NumDays

    If you want to send an E-Mail you need a value which indicates that the tenant is past on their rent. And you need a field which indicates that an E-mail has already been sent (e.g. a catogory field "Past Due Rent Mail" with categories like "No E-Mail necessary" and "E-Mail sent". If you have these indicators you can create another Globiflow which checks every night after the Check-Date has been updated, like:

    Trigger: When an item is updated
    In your App:
    If Field "Check-Date" has changed
    and if "Check-Date" equal to current date
    and if indicator "Past due on rent" is true
    and if field "Past Due Rent Mail" equal to "No E-Mail necessary"

    sanity check: date("j") == [field-token: Day due] +  3
    send mail ....
    update this item in field "Past Due Rent Mail" = value: Mail sent

    There could be other ways to trigger the "Send Mail"-flow, but that depends on your app setup.


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