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Categories and sub-categories (or, filtered relationships)

Sometimes we need people to make a selection from a list that has a natural heirarchy, or is too long to be easy to use unless it is broken up. How can I represent this in Podio?

Say for example that I want someone to select the preferred dessert from a long list. At present the best I can figure out how to do is to present a long drop-down menu; which quickly becomes a horrible interface.

Is there a way to do better than this?

What I'd prefer to do is either to have a menu with submenus; or two menus, so that the user has to make a selection the first menu, in order to enable the second menu with the set of choices determined by the first one. (e.g. if user selects "Fruit" on the first menu, the second offers "Apples, Oranges, ...").

An alternative (possibly more powerful) would be to use a related app. If one field was a relationship to an item in a related app, then the choices of the category field could be populated from the contents of that related item. Or the other way round; allow a "Relationship" field to specify not only the related app, but a function to restrict the available items from it. So an ordinary category field could be used to select "Fruit"; then an option can be chosen from the items in a related app which match "fruit" in a particular field.

Or if there was a category-calculation field - works like a calculation field does now, but the result of the calculation defines the choices for the user to select from.

Is there any way to achieve something like this?

Ben Rubinstein

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This would be a great enhancement.

i sounds like e tree view component which can display nested apps like project->milestone->task or product->component->library

Rene Rose 0 votes


Hi Rene,

That would be really excellent.

But in the first instance I'd be happy if there was just an ability to put headings in between options in the category choices; or even just a bit of cunning in the display logic so that if I put these options

Podio would display a drop down menu as
- Cake
- - - Cheesecake
- - - Gateau
- Fruit
- - - Apple
- - - Orange

Ben Rubinstein 2 votes

We could really use this feature as well. In the case of our rental management business, we have an app for Properties, an app for Units and an app for Work Orders. Unfortunately when you go to select a "Unit" from within a work order, you cannot tell which property it belongs to. If we set the drop down to show properties, and a property has 10 apartments, we see the property name repeated 10 times. Really need to be able to show a combination of 2 different fields in the selection drop down.

David Moore 0 votes

This request is so basic – but there is no update for more two and a half year?

Can't believe it.

Alexander Heininger 3 votes

Cascading menus would be welcome, actually; given a relationship between e.g. two apps "People" and "Organisations", I'd like to be able to select the Organisation first, and to see just people related to that Org in the other relationship field.

Stelvio Gori 2 votes