Buttons to be placed on item-form in an app to allow: "Make a call", "Write an email" "Make a video-call" to workplace contact(s) [not users] referenced in a field on the form recording this activity in item-related activity stream, allowing recording of



  • Petr Adámek

    These action buttons could be used in different ways too. E.g. when in an item (customer) I could have a button Schedule meeting on that form and upon click I would get to (predefined) App Meetings with the source Client as a Reference. Today I have to close the client, go to app meeting, click Add new meeting and then Reference the Client I just left. So I could Call, Email, Schedule Meeting, Also, I could "Convert" meaning, based on the discussion with the "lead" I could click convert and it would automatically create an Item in App Clients talking some (but not all) info from the Lead item and referencing the Lead item. Simply Adding any Action button(s) to the form that could be customised, would be just awesome.

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  • Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

    Very cool idea, thanks for sharing!

    It should be possible to build via the API if you have a developer to assist you: https://developers.podio.com/

    I know a few Podio customers that integrated Twilio and Podio via the API for a similar "make a call" button :)

    //Sara - Podio

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