Required category fields shouldn't always default



  • Stefan Ukena

    Hi Ben,

    I find the current behavior actually very helpful, because it can save a lot of time if you can provide good default values. However, I understand that in some cases it is important to know if a person simply forgot to choose a category. For these use cases we usually make something like "[Please choose...]" the first option. That way we can filter those items where the category was not set. (Yes, I know, it's not perfect because people can still create items with missing values. It's just something that works for us.)

    Just my two cents.


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  • Ben Rubinstein

    Hi Stefan,

    I agree it's nice to to have the option of a default option! In fact that's now how I use 'required' on a category field; when I want there to be a default choice that users can change if they prefer.

    I suppose what I'm really saying is that the behaviour currently implemented under the name "Required field" should be labelled "Default to first option" - and is a useful and valuable behaviour. But it would be nice to also have the option to require users to make a choice, which is what "Required field" means for other field types.

    (I've also tried the route of a 'please choose' first option - as you say it helps a bit, but it still leaves us with incomplete entries.)

    Thanks for your response,


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  • Ian

    If you set the category field to multiple choice, it will not default when also set to 'required'.  This works, but may lead to inconsistent data in some cases, like a YES or NO question.  


    I too would like the ability to do both have a default AND set required WITHOUT a default, for instances where a Boolean response is required AND you want the user to not be able to save without answering the question.  

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