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Create a relationship to Workspace or Item (instead of to App)?


I have created an Action app "Tasks & To Dos" (instead of using the normal Podio tasks) in order to manage separately tickets assigned by team members to others inside an organization, and following advices from this page:

Especially, I was looking for a "home-made app" for Tasks, in order to have it synchronized with Google calendars me and my co-workers use on daily basis.

I would like to have in this App a Relationship field "Attach this task to any item or workspace...", a feature available in the normal Podio tasks.

Additionally, I would like to be able to filter tasks by Workspace and by App, as possible with the normal Podio tasks.

Currently, when I create a Relationship field, I can only link it to Apps in the same organization, eg not to Workspaces nor to Items.

This would allow me to create for my organization a Workspace dedicated to this App "Tasks & To Dos", instead of cloning the App "Tasks & To Dos" in each of my organization's Workspaces (Sales, Marketing, Project Management...).

Additionnally, as reported in another Topic ( I would love to be able to create a Relationship to an App, Workspace, an/or Item in other organizations... This would allow me to create for all my organizations an App "Tasks & To Dos", instead of cloning the App "Tasks & To Dos" in each of my organizations...

Is there a possibility to do so?

Camille Rousselet

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