Can we create custom formatters for text to automatically create HTML links



  • Rainer Grabowski (FVM)

    Hi Roger,

    in status posts and comment you can use these 3 ways - and Podio will replace the text with a link to the item:

    • If you paste the entire link, it will replace it with a markdown link with the title of the item as the label
    • If unique id is enabled on the app with a prefix, you can use it with a hashtag, like this: #prefix-1
    • Using the full item id (get it from the developer icon on the item view), you can link to it using #item-1234567.


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  • JD

    @Rainer Thanks for answering posting an answer here. It was what i was looking for.

    @Podio, can you post a link to comment formatting (and tips and tricks like this), on the comment or comment creation documentation page (and status page)? That would be really useful!


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