We live in a world of colour - so why is Podio so DULL!



  • Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

    What specifically would you like to customize with color - calendar, badges, apps, workspaces etc? The more detail the better!

    Thanks for your input :)

    /Sara - Podio

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  • Adrian Jones

    I think primarily the category tabs could do with a wider range of colour options. I would like to see these reflected in the Table view, so that in a long list of entries it's easier to spot specific items. Calendar entries would be good too, like Google Calendar. Maybe it would be possible to bring across the Google calendar entry colours so everything is consistent.

    Task labels could do with a stronger colour scheme. At the moment they are so similar it's almost impossible to tell the difference. In this way it would be much easier to spot Tasks which are, for example, over due or have been assigned to you.

    A more ambitious objective would be to allow users to set colour themes for individual workspaces. This would make it much easier to differentiate between the different environments.

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  • Gabriel LaRusso

    I agree, color coding workspaces and the related calendars like Google Cal does would be helpful.

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  • Liz Ward

    I would like the ability to set default colors in category fields. As an example, the category fields would default to red and then I could switch them to a different color, such as green, later.  


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