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A few questions about calculations (timer, relations, conditionals)

I'm making a 2 step job application process that includes a logics test (with multiple choices) before moving to the real application with the applicant's details (another form in another app). I've created the form and made a calculated field for the score. I need to pass this score on the new app together with, possibly, total time spent on the test. Has anyone ever tried this?

I would like to add a calculated field that tracks the time spent completing the webform. I've tried a simple JS countdown but it doesn't let me use it. Any Idea or suggestion?

Moreover I would like to pass the result from this field (and another calculated field) to another webform, but It won't let me select the calculation field in the workflows and/or in the other app's template.

Any help would be gladly appreciated.

Alberto Loddo

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