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Customize colors for use in Calendar

All calendar entries are green. It would be great if we could define the color. 2 suggestions:

1) Set the Apps default color on App level.
2) Allow color on item level. Ideally it would be awesome if calculation fields had an extra option to allow it to control the items color. Thereby we could visualize items status really nice in different colors.

Thank you. Please add this next week :)


Jesper Ordrup Completed

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Hi Sara,

Podio is a great product but in my opinion Podio struggles keeping up.

Podio, you and your colleagues has always motivated users to come up with ideas for new stuff and feedback on existing. Almost always the answers contains a message back about how thankful you are, that you will look into it and that its currently not on the roadmap.

Then it dies. 

Of cause you have to filter the many irrelevant suggestions from the good ones first. You have a product that has a direction and all that. Cant add it all. Of cause there are a road maps and release plans.

But primary problem is the lack of speed for those features that you actually want to implement. Its turtle.

This one as an example:

  • Suggestion was made february, 2015. 
  • 15 month later it gets a "This one is planned in our current roadmap - no timeline or ETA just yet."
  • 18 month later - nothing.

Again - its turtle. Way to slow.  

Today we've jumped ship. Now we use Slack and Trello. 




Jesper Ordrup 0 votes
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This is Great News! Just tested it and it works Perfectly!

Thank You Podio product development team!!


Jeff Dougherty 0 votes
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