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Search Results within the Comments

When searching for a string of text within the Comments of a contact (or any Item for that matter), it's only logical that the results should be highlighted (with the option to turn off highlighting).

If the Comments for a particular contact are minimal in terms of quantity, this isn't really a big issue because you can scroll the Comments section to easily locate what you're looking for. However, once the Comments become large in quantity, it's incredibly tedious to search out that desired string of text on my own.

I have a found a work around, but it's a solution that I shouldn't have to perform at all to begin with. In the web interface, I can use CTRL-F (Windows) or Command-F (Mac) to locate the string of text I'm looking for once I have located the correct Item within Podio's search function. An extra step that works, but again, the feature should already exist under the scenario given.

Finally, when clicking All Results from the Podio search bar, I should be shown a preview of all such search instances to better assist in selecting the correct Item. Multiple Items have a possibility of containing the same string of text that I'm searching for. Caveat - I use a dummy organization to test features of Podio and the Contacts App is populated with a single Item. Is it possible that this is the reason I'm not shown previews of the search query when opting to view All Results?

Michael Alt

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