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Calculation: Average

In an app I made I want to be able to get the average value of one column in a calculation field.
So let's say I have several devices in my app, each device has a weight and I want to calculate something with the average weight of all devices.
The only way I got this to work was to create a different app, make a connection and add every single device from the other app in that connection.
Then I was able to calculate with the average of all devices in the connection and finally I could get that value back in my first app.
Since I don't want to make this too confusing by adding a new connection every time I add a new device, I would either want to automate the second step or be able to just get the average of one field inside the original app.
I hope this is possible, since I am able to create a report on that app which also shows the average of one column (without an additional app). Or would it be possible to get the value of a report in a calculation field?
Thanks for your help!

Philipp Lang

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