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Ability to merge records in Podio

We use Podio as a CRM and it would be a real help to us to be able to merge contacts and other records in other apps.
We have a lot of duplicate contacts as we have web forms that create contacts in Podio.
So please consider this as a future feature release as i am sure i am not the only one that wants to merge items without using expor/import with excel.

Natalie White

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@leo the written manual is pretty extensive. I would recommend that you join the globiflow workspace, which I believe a link can be found in your globiflow account page. There is a very strong community of users who can provide some help. Setting up a merge can be pretty straightforward for most of the users there. There are always consultants that can help accelerate your ROI for using globiflow as well. I have been using globiflow for about 3 years now and it is extremely powerful and by far the best investment I have made into my business.

Mike Davis 0 votes

Just having a way to combine databases when doing reports would make things so much easier, removing duplicate inputs, etc! We very much appreciate Podio, but this is really needed.

Administrator3 0 votes

Hi Sara, is there any news regarding merging?

For many, me included, momentumtools is not an option. For one, having to add on all kinds of adons from third parties is unreliable, a potential risk, and in this specific use case would ad a 20 $ monthly cost just for merging (their free tier only supports bulk edit, not merge..).

Merging items in a database-system should be mandatory, and my guess is that almost all of your competitors deliver this out of the box.

Just my 2 cents.

Simon Saxtorph 0 votes

this is crazy that after 4 years of people requesting this that it is still not even considered being added to Podio. can we have an update as to what is going on. this could take a programer a couple weeks to write the code. What is the delay? and why is this not a priority with so many requests. has a timeline been set for this development yet?

Claude Toussaint 0 votes