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  • Dominik Hamacher

    Hi Joshua,

    great question! We do not have a shared calendar feature but you can do two different options.
    1. Create a meetings app where you have all your meetings in and then people can check if you are available.
    2. You can export your calendar to a shared Google Calendar to see who is busy when.

    Podio - Dominik

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  • Beth Barbaglia

    Wondering if there are any plans of creating a better calendar system for teams in Podio without having to send through Google?

    Would be great if you could choose what calendars are seen in a Workspace view (for instance, we have a Meetings app, a Calendar app for programs that are running, a Deliverables app for projects getting done on timelines - all of which need to be "shown on calendars" in their own apps, but when I look at our workspace view, there's way too much info on there for it to be helpful.

    We also have dozens of departments in our organization - we're trying to figure out how to share calendars so someone can see when the other is available without having to be part of or going to each workspace. For instance, when I need to schedule a meeting with myself, our CEO and an external party - there's no way for me to check his full calendar and see when he's available short of being in his private workspace.

    Any idea when updates will be made to calendar functionality?


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