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Application authentication - need immediate help

We have spent 2 years creating an application extension based on the Podio API. It is in the Podio Add-ons and Citrix Marketplace. For many of the functions the user has to authenticate to get to podio data. In some cases the functionality requires that Podio Data and content be shared with non-Podio users like the web forms. We have tried to allow an Admin user to authenticate to share his own data in this general manner. Due to rate limits or security protocols at some point this user will be locked out and shut down the general sharing of data in this way. The application functionality requires that the user be able to share his own data.

Is there or can you create an application user (authorized by a podio admin user) that can authenticate and have the privilege to share with non-podio users.

We have been developers using the salesforce platform for many years. Third party development has made their platform and product a success. Capabilities like I have described, will help make Podio applications that serve clients more powerful. And consequently make Podio more powerful as a development platform. Help us help you.

Can any one from Podio please offer assistance. This change in the API would be minimal. It is no different than what webforms do right now. Thanks in advance for your prompt feedback.

Joe Frazier

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