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Financial Year Master Filtering / Archive

Hi - I understand the filtering in Podio is a great too already, but I think there should be a master filter option so that you can filter on a global scale around a specific time period. The other way to look at this is an archive function for data within a particular timeframe.

I would imagine a lot of people who use Podio over the years now have a vast amount of data that they don't want to delete but equally is cluttering up their system and meaning the filter process of getting exactly what you want it time consuming and complex.

In the same way yearly accounts are reconciled and filed away somewhere, ready for the next year, so too should the data in a CMS system.

So I guess my request is two-fold. I feel there should be global filtering (done by an admin and effecting the whole organisation) and an archive facility so that data isn't lost but isn't immediately viewable to everyone.

Love to get your thoughts on that!

James Freeman-Gray

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