Calculations - pull fields from workspace contacts, such as email



  • Damien Wilson

    Hi Andrew,

    I hope you are well. Did you get an answer to this?

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  • Andrew Hopkins

    No decent answers - apparently this is a limitation of PODIO. I was given a work around, which involves not using contact fields within an app, but to create a contacts app, using text fields instead. The text fields could then be pulled across into the required app using the @all of xxx.join(", ") function in a calculation field. The join function cannot access anything within a contact field, which is rather annoying.

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  • Steve Weeks

    Going round and round in circles. Contact data seems to be specially designed - to prevent you accessing it.

    Surely this is not meant to encourage me to pay for GlobiFlow?

    I think I'll create a non-Contact-type App with text fields for email addresses :-(

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  • Rainer Grabowski

    Hi Steve,

    in Podio Calculation fields you only have access to the name of a contact in a contact field

    In Globiflow you've access to Name, Phone, E-Mail of a contact.

    In my opinion it's alwys better to have a contact app than using workspace contacts. In the contact app I would use the e-mail and the phone-fields (not text field). How to handle E-Mail- and Phone Fields in calculations see here

    Hope that helps,


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