JS code example for accessing fields across apps with no relationship


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  • Stefan Ukena

    Hi Michael,

    if you need to use data in a calculation that is not available directly from referenced item, you will need to create a "helper" field. In your case, you want to use data from Stories in Availability, but those are only indirectly connected via Developer. Thus, you need to add one or more helper-fields in Developer, which pulls the necessary data from referenced Stories-items. You can then use those helper-fields in calculations in the Availability app.

    E.g. in the Developer app, create a helper-field "total active stories estimate", where you sum up all hours of referenced active story items. (You'll want to use the array "@All of estimate" here, which is an array of your estimate-field values from referenced stories. In addition, you will probably want to filter this array based on other criteria, e.g. if the story is active or not).

    After you created this helper-field, you can access it from a calculation in the Availability app using "@All of total active stories estimate".

    Hope this get's you started in the right direction.



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