Dividers or Grouping needed in App item screens



  • Aaron Shapiro

    3 Years on this thread and 4 years on another thread and still doing work-arounds instead of having this functionality built in? Obviously the product manager just doesn't want to do this. Which is always a great way to prioritize your features! If you're using a Kano model to evaluate your features, this would probably be in your Basic Features group. Wufoo can do it. As a person who does UX, this is pretty important for good UX. 

    I'm about to create form with about 100 fields or so. They are all grouped up into sections (20) right now on a spreadsheet. I'm going to need to implement that with a work around that is then going to pollute our API requests with data that won't need to be there.

    Also, ideally on an API call, the values would be contained within a section attribute as well but I'll settle for just the improvements to the forms and UI! 


    It's not like we are asking for branch logic! 


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  • Ron van der Plas

    Aaron, I fully agree.

    If only there was a logical (technical) explanation, I could except the lack. For me it seems so simple to add this feature. Why not adding?

    Also noted that calc fields don't show on new items which is a sad thing when using calc workarounds for guides filling the form.

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  • Peter Monien

    I used to use Podio for 2 years and now would like to use it again. It is a very powerful tool but far less usable as it doesn't offer the option to "group" some input fields. This makes the input far too long in some cases.

    My example: I would like to have these 4 inputs in one row, as they logically form a group

    • programming language (drop down selection)
    • quality of knowledge (drop down selection)
    • year programming language last used (year, 19xxx)
    • total years of programming in this language (2 digit field)

    So everything neatly fits in one line. No problem at all.


    And to add on this: The best would be to simply add another line with another group (with these 4 inputs) when the number of groups is filled up. Simply by clicking on a "+" button.

    This would be awesome!

    Best, Peter

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  • Matthew

    This is a basic feature that is really needed in Podio. We love the platform and are heavy users, but this is a major oversight. The ability to group fields, ideally by using tabs at the top, would make the UX within the apps significantly better. This type of addition has been requested here and on many other threads. If the threads were all grouped it might be clearer to Podio how many times users have requested it. Looking forward to seeing this implemented.

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  • Goele Scheers

    This request is from 2014, we're 2020 now. @podio, where is the solution?

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  • Jonathan Gottlieb

    Its 2021, any non work-around solutions? lol

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  • Dana P


    My apologies for the late reply here, but appreciate you upvoting this feature. 

    While we do not have this out of the box in Podio, you can create dividers using calculations. This can give you results such as below in the screen capture

    However, just be careful in creating applications with many fields in them. As we recommend to keep that under 100 fields per app. Known limitations in Podio – Podio Help Centre

    Hope this helps out some in configuring your Podio items to better orient members and break up long templates.


    Dana - Podio

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  • Tara Cordero

    How do you produce the section divider that says COLORFUL up above????


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  • Pete Cuff (BUSY)

    See the first response to the original post - has the code on there - but is using https://dummyimage.com/

    eg https://dummyimage.com/1000x200/3d48e0/00ff3c&text=Testing+123

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