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Create Podio Item with different fields


I am aware that this question was discussed before, but some of the entries are older then 2 years. I want to create an item in Podio with different types of fields. It works fine for simple text fields by using

$item = PodioItem::create(%APPID%, array('fields') => array("textfield" => 'example'));

But, I when I want to include field types like Embed, Reference, etc. I run into trouble because it returns a Bad Podio request. I tried to attach fields after creation like following

$field_id = %FIELDID%;
$field = new PodioAppItemField($field_id);
PodioItemField::update($item->item_id, $field_id, $field->as_json(false));

But, this yields an error and does not go thru to Podio. Could you please show an example how to accomplish this task.

Thank you!

Wurstsalat Answered

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it is my first time working with PodioAPI. It takes a while to get used to all the datastructures. But looking at the different test files helped me. I have one more question with a date field in format Y-m-d. I used the following

new PodioDateItemField(array("external_id" => "datum", "values" => array("start_date_utc" => DateTime::createFromFormat('Y-m-d', $datum, new DateTimeZone('UTC'))))),

It goes through fine but I get the following PHP error

Undefined index: starttimeutc in PodioDateItemField->setvalue() (Line 482 in /podio-php/models/PodioItemField.php),
Notice: Undefined index: starttimeutc in PodioDateItemField->setvalue() (Line 488 in /podio-php/models/PodioItemField.php).

Can you help?

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Appearently some of the underdashes went missing. It states start_time_utc.

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Just as a reference.

// Create field collection with different fields
    $fields = new PodioItemFieldCollection(array(
      new PodioTextItemField(array("external_id" => "name", "values" => $name)), 
      new PodioDateItemField(array("external_id" => "date")),
      new PodioLocationItemField(array("external_id" => "city", "values" => array("value" => $city))),
      new PodioEmbedItemField(array("external_id" => "website")),
      new PodioAppItemField(array("external_id" => "contact", "values" => array("item_id" => $item_id_contact))),
      new PodioTextItemField(array("external_id" => "comment", "values" => $comment))

    // Create item and attach fields
    $item = new PodioItem(array(
      "app" => new PodioApp(intval($app_id)),
      "fields" => $fields

    // Attach website
    if(!filter_var($website, FILTER_VALIDATE_URL) && !empty($website)){
        $field_id = "website";
        $embed = PodioEmbed::create(array("url" => $website));
        $item->fields[$field_id]->values = $embed;

    // Attach date
    $field_id = "date";
    $item->fields[$field_id]->start_date = $date;

    // Save item

The variables have to be set respectively.

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