Relationship not showing up in calculation field



  • Martin Hosie

    Hi there,
    I'm having a similar issue. I can see the fields from the first relationship I created but none of the subsequent ones are showing in the calculations dropdown. My relationships are across workspaces. Can someone answer this one please as it's fundamental to my use of Podio?

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  • Justin Perron

    I am also having a similar issue. I have a Products App with one of the fields being Retail Price. I also have an Opportunities App where I am referencing the Product Items to be sold to the client. I would like to calculate as follows:

    Total Opportunity Cost = SUM of Products' Price

    Is this possible? I can't find any documentation. Is this only something we can do with a Javascript calculation using the API?

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  • Rainer Grabowski (FVM)

    Hi Justin,

    create a calculation field "Total Opportunity Cost" and enter in that field:

    @SUM of Retail Price

    This gets the sum of all related Products. When you type @ a list with field tokens pops up, the more you type, the smaller the list.


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