• Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen

    Hi Tim,

    There should be a mailbox value returned for each app/item you can use to generate that email address.


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  • Sevan B.


    I do not see that value returned, could you elaborate?

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  • Rudolph de Kock

    Hi Andreas,

    when i send an email to my app , I call a webhook that gets the item , but created by and created via only shows

    [created_by] => Array
    [type] => app
    [id] => 13960288
    [avatar_type] => icon
    [avatar_id] => 114
    [image] => Array

            [name] => Emails
            [url] =>
            [avatar] => -1
    [created_via] => Array
            [id] => 31
            [auth_client_id] => 31
            [name] => Mail
            [display] => 1

    how do I reference the mailbox value ? I want to update the item with the from email address that created the item.

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  • Luke Hayler

    I'd like to be able to include the email to item email address as a calculation. I noted that in a similar question, the response was in the negative. Would be great to include in "General Properties" fields along with @Createdby and @Createdon

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