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New members/co-workers role default 'Regular member'

When adding new members to a workspace the current default for the role is 'Workspace admin'. Most of the times we invite people as a 'Regular' or 'Light' member. Happened to quite a few users (who have admin rights ;) that they invited people as an admin while that was not appropriate. Seems easy to solve by changing the default value of the drop-down. Please vote.

Ron van der Plas Completed

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Hi Ron,

Thanks for your input. Podio will select the same role as the member who invites as default, so if you're admin this is what Podio will select as default for the members you invite. You can change this in the invitation modal before you send the invite, but I see how it makes sense to set default to at least Regular member.

Thanks again for your feedback.

- Podio

Mette Frøkjær Hansen 1 vote
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I agree, I think permissions should always be minimum, and add if needed.  

 Also, it would be great if you could designate one person to approve Requests for access,  instead of giving everyone with Admin access permission to approve. So a separate role as Super-Admin that can is only one that can approve.

Mike Hazelwood 1 vote
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