A better way to view contacts in fields



  • Charlie Lindstrom

    Hey Tanner,

    Thanks for your input on this, much appreciated. How about instead using an app that does not include Workspace contacts but instead have fields directly in the app for the phone number, address etc? In this way you will display all the information always - would that work better you think?

    /Charlie - Podio

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  • Tanner Chung

    Hi Charlie. I think that's a work around we could use to solve the issue of interacting with the contact information but then it would introduce another issue where the contact would not be stored in the address book with all the field information. And there's many reasons why we'd want it in the address book. For example, if we ever used the API it would have to deal with a hacky mess to retrieve the data. The same issue results when people are trying to manually search for information and are used to using the address book and cannot find the information they're looking for.

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