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Functionality request to improve Card view usability

Card View - Gives the basics of a scrum board function, but needs some important tweaks.

1 - Colour coding of cards as a Field in the app the user can choose.
2 - Allowing multiple columns of cards within a category column. At the moment each column is one entry wide making it rather unwieldy.
3 - Drag and drop function for cards in columns. If I drop a card in a column, it should drop regardless of where in the column I place it. I should not have to drop it in at the top. This is REALLY annoying.
4 - Allow the "Category field" status of a linked App Reference Item to be used to determine the status of all items linked to it. (User Stories and Tasks)

Mark Faulkner Completed

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Are App Reference links currently limited to displaying 12 entries?!? If so WHY? Please amend this to display a list of all possible entries that can be selected. Text search only works if you know what to search for!

Mark Faulkner 1 vote
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Hi Mark

There shouldn't be any limit of the relationship field - do you still get a limit of 12?

If yes, please let us know in a private support ticket and we will look into it.


Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen 0 votes
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