grab email field from contact of linked item?



  • Stefan Ukena

    Hi Stefan,

    sadly, you cannot access any of the contact details from within calculation fields. Currently, you can only output the name of the contact. If you need to use the email address in another app, you would need to restructure your apps and create a dedicated "contact app" (instead of using Podio contacts). Then you can access those contact details just like any other item reference, e.g. using @All of ...

    I have no info if and when this limitation will be removed.


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  • Antoine Dias

    Hi All. Do you now if this issue after 6 years from this post above, was solved? i have the same problem with the "e-mail" field trying to related from other app. thanks,

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  • Rainer Grabowski

    Do you mean a field type "email" in the other app or the email address from a person you added in a contact field?  

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