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  • Sevan B.

    Regarding APi development, the best resource is [Podio API Help]

    However, when it comes to calculated fields, most variables (i.e. those fields that can be pulled in using the '@' sign) are one of the following:

    • strings denoted by an "A" icon.
    • numbers denoted by a "123" icon.
    • date Objects denoted by a "calendar" icon.
    • arrays denoted by a "[ ]" icon.

    Given that, you can treat them as the variables that they are, for example:

    • @Created On.getFullYear() to get the year of creation for the item.
    • @All of Title.join(', ') to create a comma-separated list of the titles of related app items.
    • @Field1 + ' is based on ' + @Field2 + '.' to write a sentence like "____ is based on ____."

    Of course, much more can be done using other Javascript functionality, just search online for Javascript resources/tutorials.

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