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    Sumedha Panwar

    Hi Podio Users,

    This functionality is now available with the new Table Layout (available under the switch layout option).

    Other features of the new layout:

    • Faster, More Performant Table Layout
    • Ability to Re-Order Columns from Table Layout
    • Ability to Pin Columns to the Left Side
    • Seamless Column Width Adjustment

    Read more here


    Sumedha, Team Podio

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  • Simon Midtgaard Guldberg

    I am amazed that in 2016, I need to scroll down to get to the scroll right bar (really..?!) to be able to see across the columns - and when I do, I cannot see the column headers... In reality, the Table View is the only way to get an overview as soon as there are +10 items in an App - and therefore the only useful view. And well, you have so far not made that most important view very good.

    Please improve this important point by making the scroll bars and columns headers floating.

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  • David Arthur

    +1 for this, could it be an optional thing?

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  • Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

    Hey Simon, 

    I agree, unfortunately the current limitation is that we have to support IE as web browser, which makes implementation a lot harder. As IE improves over time, we should hopefully be able to add this feature in Podio as well :) Wouldn't be hard if we could support Chrome as the only browser.

    //Sara - Podio

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  • Jay Patel

    +1,000,000 this seems minor but actually has a big impact on the UI experience, very frustrating. Are there any workarounds that does not depend on Microsoft getting their stuff together? Especially since IE is no longer supported by them...

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  • Kenneth Schmidt Holmbjerg

    IE will never improve - it´s going to close down eventually. Less than 5 % percent are using IE and i guess that out of these 5 % only a minor group - if any at all - are using PODIO. So please support the 99.9 % not using IE instaed. 

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  • Joseph Espinoza

    Thanks for the input, Kenneth! I've added your feedback to this feature request and we'll get back to you if it gets implemented. :)

    /Joseph – Podio

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