Duplicated Webform Entries



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    Joseph Espinoza

    Hi Paulo,

    This issue is most often caused by submitters using an unsupported browser. Here's a list of browsers we support:


    If they click the submit button only once, you should only see one item appear. It is when they continue to click submit when nothing happens, that multiple items are created.

    /Joseph – Podio

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  • Stefan Falkboman

    Podio: Would it be possible for you to just fix this by just disabling the button for additional clicks on click, or any other way? We have duplicate content (most often 2-4 duplicates) in every app where users add data with your standard webform. This happens even on supported browsers.

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  • Allan Valverde

    Hello Stefan,


    Thanks for writing to us.

    The best way is to open a Support ticket, so we can review this further.



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